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Helping students discover, apply for, and land their dream SAICA, SAIT & CIMA articles 

Apti is your free tool to receive tailored articles recommendations

The articles guidance tool


There are over 600 possible options for your articles - narrow this list down to the options suited to you.


No more endless applications. Set up your Apti profile and apply everywhere all at once.


Arrive ready on the day. Let the Apti team get you ready to put your best foot forward with an Interview warm up.


Hear what other students say about us


12/10 - an incredible company. I had the best experience and could not recommend Apti enough! 

IMG_7754 (1) (1).jpg
CA(SA) at Absa

My Experience with Apti has been reassuring in getting a better understanding of how I can grow in my career.

IMG_0290 (2)_edited.jpg
Student at UCT


The Apti Candidate Journey.

Kickstart your Apti Journey by Signing up.

Get the ball rolling by filling in our basic sign-up form. The first step in creating your Apti profile and finding the articles program most suited to you.

Begin your SAICA articles journey with Apti as we locate your ideal SAICA training office

We exist to place brilliant candidates in brilliant roles.

Apti recognises each candidate is their own individual with their own unique skills and abilities.
We embrace you. 

Training Offices.

 Finding your Ideal Trainees.

Intelligent Candidate Matching.

Our advanced AI algorithms enable us to match candidates with the specific needs and requirements of your SAICA training office. This not only helps you meet your hiring quotas but also ensures an increase in the overall quality of candidates placed. We strive to find the perfect fit for your organisation.

Filling the Ranks: Apti's AI-powered search for the best trainee matches.
Trainee Recruitment Made Easy: Identifying top accounting student prospects.
Matching Talents: Connecting SAICA training offices with perfect trainee matches.
Tailoring Traineeships: Helping firms find the right accounting student candidates.
Apti assists training offices in identifying SAICA training offices with the candidates best suited to their programme
Perfect Pairings: Finding the right trainees for SAICA training offices.

Latest Articles.

Breaking down the two paths for your articles journey.

Get your act to work for you.

What to expect &

how to prep.

CA 2025.
What it means and why it matters.

Tips & Tricks to smash the exam.

Meet Klara.
Running an R&D Division, Tax Automation and more, her journey to becoming a CA(SA).

Want to know your preferred company culture?Discover your own preferred culture with Apti's free company culture assessment. 

Company Culture, Personalised.

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