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Exploring SAICA Articles Programmes for Chartered Accountant Traineeships


Pathways to Success - SAICA Articles Trainee Jobs Unveiled

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Save yourself the hassle of resubmitting the same form countless times. Apply once and let your profile be seen by all of the Apti firms suited to you.

SAICA TOPP Articles - A Guide to Advancing Your Career

 Apti Insight.

Apti's processes have been purposely designed to enable us to understand you, your career ambitions and your desired work environment. We'll help you make the right choice!

Steer your way through the accounting articles landscape with precision. Apti serves as your guide to uncovering the perfect match for your career ambitions and inherent skills.

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By finalising your Apti profile and taking the various Apti Assessments, you are building an all-inclusive CV. This will be available for your download upon completion of your profile.


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The Apti Candidate Journey.

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Latest Articles.

Get your act to work for you.

What to expect &

how to prep.


Breaking down the two paths for your articles journey.


Deep Dive.

CA 2025.
What it means and why it matters.


Tips & tricks to smash the exam.


Meet Klara.
Running an R&D Division, Tax Automation and more, her journey to becoming a CA(SA).


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