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Meet Klara | SAICA Trainee.

Running an R&D Division, Tax Automation and more, follow her SAICA trainee journey to becoming a CA(SA).

In the world of finance and accounting, a CA(SA) qualification opens up various career opportunities. It is achieved through a structured academic and professional path, typically involving three years at an audit firm. However, there are individuals, like Klara, who have discovered alternative routes to attaining this prestigious qualification.

In this blog, we will explore Klara's unique SAICA trainee journey to becoming a CA(SA) in South Africa. Through her experience in running an R&D division, tax automation, and more, we will uncover how she leveraged her skills and passion to navigate an unconventional path to success.

Inspiring image of Klara, a trailblazing CA(SA), showcasing her dedication to SAICA articles and innovative approaches in the finance industry.

The Road Less Traveled.

Klara's journey to becoming a CA(SA) was anything but typical. While traditional routes may involve starting with a degree in accounting and three years of training articles with an audit firm, Klara opted for a different approach.

Instead, she completed an accounting degree and pursued training articles outside of the typical audit firm setting. For Klara, this decision was a pivotal moment that set her on a path to success that was uniquely her own.

Discovering Her Passion for Tax Automation.

One of Klara's most enjoyable rotations during her training articles was in the internal VAT function of one of the Company's subsidiaries. Here, she was given the opportunity to automate various processes within the team using basic coding skills and tools such as Power Automate, Power Apps, and Knime.

As someone who did not complete a degree in computer science, Klara was excited to discover how the rise of soft code allowed for accountants like her to advance in the tech and automation space. She learned transferrable skills applicable across industries and job titles and was amazed at how automation could optimise workflow efficiency and productivity.


Rising to the Challenge in R&D.

Another unforgettable experience in Klara's journey to becoming a CA(SA) was her role in Research and Development, specifically import VAT. Here, she honed her interpretation skills by reading and analysing VAT legislations from different countries. She led a team and held meetings with accountants worldwide, all while grappling with legislations she had never encountered before.

This rotation came as a challenge midway through Klara's first year. However, she seized the opportunity to grow beyond her limits and discovered that she was capable of more than she initially imagined.

There's More Than One Path to Success.

Klara's story is a testament to the power of choosing your own adventure. She completed her accounting degree, ticked off the three years of training articles, but did it her way – not at an audit firm. And guess what? She rocked it!

Her journey showcases that you don't always have to follow the traditional route to achieve your goals. Sometimes, embracing your passion and taking unconventional paths can lead to immense success and personal growth. Klara's zest for tax automation and her willingness to explore unfamiliar territories have opened doors for her that she couldn't have imagined.


Wrapping it Up.

Join us in giving a standing ovation to Klara for her incredible journey to becoming a CA(SA). Her story demonstrates the power of stepping outside of the box, pursuing your passions, and pushing yourself beyond your limits.

So remember, there's more than one road to success. Be open to unique opportunities, embrace the thrill of learning new skills, and who knows? You might just find yourself on an extraordinary adventure like Klara.


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