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Celebrating Women's Month: Bianca's story

Empowering Future Leaders: Bianca Beukes' CA(SA) Journey from accounting student to business leader

In honour of Women's Month in South Africa, we are delighted to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of remarkable women who have shattered barriers and inspired others in various fields. This month is an opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous achievements of South African women on the global stage. As we take pride in the recent achievements of our women's soccer team, who have made history by advancing to the knockout stages of the FIFA Women's World Cup, and commend our netball team for their exceptional performance in the World Cup, we are equally thrilled to highlight the inspiring journey of a trailblazing CA(SA) in practice - Bianca Beukes. Apti as an organisation is honoured to share Bianca's story, which serves as an inspiration to the next generation of aspiring CA(SA)s.


Education and Early Career:

Bianca's journey began at Stellenbosch University, earning a B.Acc and B.Acc Honours. Her journey next brought her to KPMG, where she completed her articles. During this time, she had the opportunity to further develop her skills and broaden her perspectives through a secondment in the Netherlands, setting the stage for a successful career ahead.


Driving Transformation at Tecex:

Bianca's expertise and prowess led her to become the Head of Finance at Tecex. Her astute financial acumen and visionary leadership played a pivotal role in transforming the finance function, driving the company towards greater success.

However, it quickly became evident that Bianca’s true skills were her exceptional skill of managing people and fostering relationships. Recognising this, Tecex appointed her as the Head of Client Success. In this role, she found her true calling, as she thrived in providing exceptional client experiences and guiding the largest team in the company. Bianca's dedication and commitment to her clients became synonymous with the company's success.

In this role, Bianca’s strong analytical skills and forward thinking have made her a flexible and resourceful problem-solver, thriving under pressure and adapting quickly to new challenges.


Notable Achievements and Recognition:

Bianca's relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in notable achievements, including winning the prestigious Employee of the Year award for the Tecex Group. Moreover, her leadership abilities were recognized when her team was nominated for Team of the Year—an acknowledgment of her exceptional leadership and teamwork.

Investing in the Next Generation:

Beyond her own achievements, Bianca's giving spirit extends to nurturing the next generation of CAs through her role as the Training Officer for the VAT IT CA(SA) Training Programme. Her dedication to providing the best possible experience for aspiring professionals underscores her commitment to the development of future leaders in the field of accounting.


Wrapping Up.

As we conclude this tribute to Women's Month and celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of South African women, we take great pride in sharing the journey of Bianca Beukes. Bianca's remarkable journey serves as a powerful testament to the impact of placing good people in the right roles and environments. Her transformation from an audit trainee, to a trailblazing leader in industry exemplifies the profound effect of finding one's true calling.

At Apti, our core mission is to identify and nurture the potential of aspiring Chartered Accountants by connecting them with opportunities that align perfectly with their skills and aspirations. We firmly believe that when individuals are placed in roles where their talents and passions converge, they can truly flourish.

Just like Bianca's inspiring path, we are dedicated to empowering young professionals, fostering growth, and guiding them towards an exciting future filled with success and fulfilment. Our commitment to providing tailored support and personalised career pathways echoes the resounding truth that when good people find the right roles, greatness is not just achieved – it is magnified.


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