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Campus Connect ‘Connects’ with Apti

A free career guidance tool and a free education resource get into a fight - who wins? The students.

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting collaboration between Apti and Campus Connect - a dynamic tutoring company on a mission to revolutionise learning for university students. 

Campus Connect empowers you to earn your accounting and tax degree with high-quality resources, while Apti guides you towards SAICA, SAIT, and CIMA traineeships.

Empowering Accounting & Tax Students with Education and Opportunities.

Why Partner?

Behind every impactful collaboration lies a shared vision - for us, it is the transformative power of education. Whether it's Apti educating students on their career journey, or Campus Connect's commitment to providing accessible, quality educational resources, our values resonate with the collective goal of fostering an environment where learning is not just a means to an end but a lifelong pursuit.

After first hearing about Campus Connect, I thought it was a no brainer to work together. Having our two platforms work as a partnership would ensure support for students, from the day they begin their university journey until the day they realise their dream of becoming a CA(SA). After speaking with Wamashudu, it was clear that with the synergies that exist between our two platforms, the combination would truly mean that 1+1=3, all for the benefit of the students.

Nic Forshaw, Apti 

Apti is committed to empowering students by opening the door to exciting career opportunities, but we also know this is not possible without students receiving the academic assistance required to get a quality education under their belt - and we’re truly impressed by the incredible work the Campus Connect team is doing to make this accessible to all students.  

Campus Connect empowers you to earn your accounting and tax degree with high-quality resources, while Apti guides you towards SAICA, SAIT, and CIMA traineeships.

Campus Connect not only furnishes students with educational resources but also functions as a supportive guide, akin to an "older sibling," assisting them on their path to becoming professionals. We offer this support through various means, including involvement in the recruitment sphere. This is where our collaboration with Apti becomes significant. Through this partnership, students uncertain about their postgraduate journey receive assistance in making choices aligned with their passions. This ultimately provides them with career options that help shape their professional trajectory according to their preferences.

Wamashudu Mukheli, Campus Connect

Some background to Campus Connect

Campus Connect, the brainchild of enterprising students, has disrupted traditional learning paradigms by providing free, high-quality educational resources. Their approach utilises animated videos and notes to cater to the auditory and visual senses of students. 

Why did you start Campus Connect?

It's quite clear and uncomplicated. I, too, was an accounting science student and understood the challenges of the degree. Many students typically seek help from tutoring companies, but these services can be costly. While it may be an appealing option for most students, it's unfortunate that many cannot afford the premium. This realization led to the idea of providing educational materials to students for free to support their studies. That's the inspiration behind the creation of Campus Connect.

Wamashudu Mukheli, Campus Connect

Wamashudu recently won the prestigious SAICA Trailblazer Competition for his innovative work at Campus Connect. He not only showcased the kind of thought-leadership the CA(SA) designation strives for but also empowered others to start their own SAICA Trainee journey. On top of this, he's also a proud Golden Key member.

Empowering Campus Connect Students for Success

Our shared goal is to empower accounting students to navigate their academic and professional journeys with informed decisions and confidence. 

Seamless Application Process

Recognizing the challenges students often encounter during applications, Apti is committed to simplifying the process. For Campus Connect members applying to various opportunities, we'll handle the administrative hurdles. Just build your Apti profile, and we'll automate your applications to the selected opportunities. 

No more endless forms - just a straightforward experience.

Personalized Career Guidance and Coaching

Apti offers tailored advice to Campus Connect members, providing valuable insights to navigate their unique career paths with assurance. The Articles Aptitude test is the starting point, unveiling the diverse paths available, from traditional auditing routes to more niche TOPP programmes. 

Company Culture Insights: Acknowledging the importance of cultural fit, Apti dives into the nuances of company culture. Campus Connect members gain insights into work environments that resonate with their values, ensuring a more fulfilling professional journey.

One-on-One Consultations: Apti extends an invitation for one-on-one career consultations with our advisors. These sessions explore the intricacies of members' aspirations, offering strategic advice on potential training offices and career trajectories.

Interview Advice and Training

Before their interviews, Apti schedules a warm-up and Q&A session to prepare Campus Connect members for showcasing their abilities professionally.

Personal Digital CV Creation

Every Apti student receives a digital CV showcasing their journey. This will be editable at any stage, and will be what the Apti team uses to connect you with the firm you are wishing to join. 

Ready to embark on this journey? Build your profile with Apti today.


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