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SAIT Articles

Completing your SAICA, CIMA or SAIT articles at BDO would mean working at a leading international firm, who offers  tailored services in audit and accounting, as well as tax, financial advisory and consulting.

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BDO Trainees

Look at where some of the old BDO trainees are now

BDO Office Locations

BDO South Africa is a leading audit, advisory, and tax firm with a robust presence across the nation. With offices strategically located in key cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Pretoria, BDO South Africa ensures comprehensive coverage and accessibility to its clients. Each location is staffed with experienced professionals committed to delivering exceptional service and tailored solutions to meet diverse business needs.


Cape Town

BDO Cape Town, situated near the V&A Waterfront, is a hub of professional excellence. Start a rewarding career where expertise meets innovation and where you can make a meaningful impact in a dynamic environment.





Dress Code


Work From Home

In Office

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BDO Trainee Experience

Hear from some of the BDO trainees on how their experience has been so far and what some of the key takeaways are.

Wamashudu Mukheli

As a BDO trainee, I’ve had the chance to interact directly with founders, CEOs, and CFOs, which has been fantastic for networking and building professional connections. I've worked with a diverse range of clients: a listed company for four months, a significant unlisted company with a holding company in Mauritius for three months, and several others, including a liquor importing business, a manufacturer, a payment platform business, and a hardware importer. This variety has provided me with a broad spectrum of experiences, which is invaluable.

BDO Third Year SAICA Trainee, Wamashudu Mukheli Commenting on his trainee journey at BDO South Africa
SAICA Trainee, BDO

Industry & Work Overview

Candidates would work in audit teams, completing their articles in audit. BDO focuses on three core areas: assurance, tax, and advisory services. During your articles you will get exposure to a variety of clients across a number of industries.

Audit & Assurance

BDO South Africa caters to clients of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large multinational corporations. The firm's client base includes both private and public sector entities. BDO clientele spans various industries and sectors, including but not limited to the retail, property and consumer markets. They have specialist expertise in banking, industrial products/services and non-profit organisations.

BDO Clientele

Meet the Team

Audit Team at BDO

SAICA Articles Journey

Let's paint a picture of your three year journey as a SAICA trainee at BDO

BDO SAIT and SAICA Trainee in their final year of their traineeship contract at BDO.
BDO SAICA Trainee in their first year getting advice from a third year BDO SAICA Trainee

BDO SAICA Articles | First Year

BDO SAICA Articles | Second Year 

BDO SAICA Articles | Third Year

  • As an audit clerk at BDO South Africa, the first year typically involves training and hands-on experience in auditing techniques, accounting principles, and industry-specific knowledge.

  • Audit clerks work closely with senior team members to gain practical experience in conducting audits, preparing financial statements, and analyzing financial data.

  • Regular performance evaluations and feedback sessions help audit clerks track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

  • In the second year, audit clerks continue to refine their skills and take on increased responsibilities in client engagements.

  • They may supervise junior staff and interact more directly with clients to understand their business operations and financial reporting requirements.

  • Professional development opportunities, such as technical training workshops and seminars, further enhance their knowledge and expertise in auditing and accounting.

  • By the third year, audit clerks are expected to take on greater leadership roles within audit engagements, managing larger audit teams and overseeing the audit process from planning to completion.

  • They participate in more complex audit assignments, including specialized areas such as risk assessment, internal controls evaluation, and regulatory compliance.

  • Successful completion of the articles program prepares audit clerks to qualify as Chartered Accountants (CAs) and become eligible for membership with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

Post-Articles Career Paths

Qualified Chartered Accountant (CA)

Many audit clerks choose to continue their career at BDO South Africa as qualified Chartered Accountants. As CAs, they have the opportunity to specialize in various areas such as audit, tax, advisory, or financial consulting. Some change their career path and try something new within one of the other service lines, such as Corporate Finance or Tax


Senior Management or Partner Track

Exceptional performers may be fast-tracked into senior management positions which will lead to the opportunity to potentially become partners within the firm. This path involves taking on leadership responsibilities, managing client relationships, and contributing to the strategic direction of the firm.

Further Education and Specialization

Audit clerks may pursue further education or professional certifications to enhance their expertise in specialized areas such as forensic accounting, internal audit, or risk management.

Learning & Growth Opportunities

You will have a personal mentor who will be there for you throughout your time at BDO. It's like having your very own 'guru' to ask anything you want and get first hand advice and guidance.


You will have hands-on contact with clients and management. At BDO, we believe that the best way to learn is to engage with our client from day one so you will work closely with client as an important part of the audit team.


Our objective is to develop well-rounded professionals, so no matter which office you work in, you will be exposed to all you need to know to ensure you emerge with one of the most desired qualifications, globally.

BDO Team

Mazars Recruitment Team

Company Culture

Represented physically by the open plan desk layout, BDO has crafted an open and collaborative work environment. Allowing trainees the opportunity to directly engage with the audit managers and partners - ramping up learning and development.

Open & Collaborative Environment

BDO loves to celebrate your success and does so in the form of a bonus for passing ITC and APC SAICA boards. This is in addition to the bi-annual performance bonus up for grabs. With plenty of events throughout the year, they ensure their is always time to celebrate your milestones and accomplishments.

Recognition & Rewards

To begin, we have shifted our perspective from the traditional notion of "work-life balance" and embraced a more progressive approach centered on achieving improved "work-life integration." This shift is facilitated, in part, by the implementation of a hybrid work model, affording our employees greater flexibility and adaptability in managing their professional and personal commitments.


To further prioritise the well-being of our staff, we have established an in-house wellness (EAP) team entirely dedicated to enhancing their overall health and happiness. This team provides valuable support through counseling services and insightful psychoeducational initiatives, enabling our employees to navigate challenges and achieve personal growth.

BDO Team


On work-life balance

Mazars Recruitment Team

At BDO, the leadership style is all about providing guidance and support while empowering employees to excel in their roles. This can be seen through trainees receiving both a buddy and a mentor to always have someone to turn to for advice and guidance. 

Supportive Leadership

Each office supports a range of local organisations, from collecting food for animal shelters, Christmas presents for under-privileged children, making sandwiches for street children, to name a few.


In the 2020/21 financial year we supported 63 pro bono clients to the value of R10 281 606

Corporate Social Responsibility

Still unsure of your preferred Company Culture?

SAICA Traineeship Perks

Completing your articles at BDO will give you the opportunity to gain considerable sector specialised experience in one of several industry sectors, from Financial Services and Natural Resources to Public Sector, Real Estate and Construction, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Consumer Businesses or Mid-Market/Entrepreneurial businesses. Your traineeship will combine your preferred prime sector exposure, together with cross-exposure from the other industry sectors to give you broad experience during your contract.

Salary, Incentives & Benefits

Competitive salary

Private medical and health cover.

Life insurance

Provident and pension fund contributions (optional)

Payment of overtime.

Work Life Balance

Wellness team available to all BDO trainees for free consultations when needed.

The culture of the firm is more tight-knit and supportive compared to the larger, more bureaucratic cultures of bigger firms. Students who value a strong sense of community and teamwork might prefer the culture at BDO (see above).

Member of JACASS (Johannesburg Article Clerks Association)

Month-end drinks (Social event for all staff on the last Friday of every month)

Mid-year and year-end staff function

National Wellness Day

Learning & Development

Upon starting your articles at BDO you are allocated a Buddy (This is the person that helps you navigate the first few months of articles) as well as a Mentor Manager (Coaching and support on a holistic level)

In a mid-sized firm, trainees have more hands-on involvement in engagements and client interactions from an earlier stage. This means working with management sooner, and fast tracking growth.

While the Big 4 firms often have structured career paths, BDO offers more flexibility in career progression. Students may have the opportunity to take on leadership roles and advance their careers at a faster pace.

Start your Career at BDO

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Complete your SAICA, CIMA or SAIT Articles at BDO South Africa
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