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VAT IT in Collaboration with Apti Presents


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VAT IT is made up of a community of challenge seekers, problem solvers, innovators, and self-motivated business leaders. Showcase your aptitude to emerge as the next VAT IT business leader.

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TOPP Entrepreneurship Programme

VAT IT Group.

Sign Up Journey.

Building your Apti Profile

Signing up with Apti is an easy process, and should take less than 30 minutes. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a digital, interactable CV that summarises this information. This CV is yours to use in your future, but will also be how managers view your profile for TOPP IT, so make it as comprehensive you’d like!

Marks, sport, culture - let’s hear what set you apart at school.

You’ve been working hard for those degrees - we want show off your journey so far

If you’ve worked before - vac work, starting your own business, internships - we want to hear about it

Don’t worry about adding documents - those are on hand already 

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